Whitney Jordan

A 40 year resident of Augusta County, Whitney Jordan studied Business Administration at Bridgewater College.  After college, she took a job with nTelos Wireless as a Business to Business salesperson.

As a realtor, Whitney is committed to going the extra mile for her clients.  “Whatever my clients need, I’m there.  If it’s cleaning, packing boxes, helping you move, I’m willing to do it.  That’s what makes me different.”  If you are looking to buy or sell in the Augusta area, call Whitney today.

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In my line of work, ones integrity can save lives. Whitney is a woman of integrity, a frequently misapplied attribute. I’d trust her to sell real estate to my own family. Her experience lies in her ability to understand and communicate with her clients, not just in how many homes she’s sold.

Erik S.
Staunton, VA