When you are trying to sell your home staging is vital and first impressions are everything when perspective home buyers pay a visit. One thing that will make any home look sparse and bare is empty walls. Have you ever seen a home with nothing on the walls- no pictures, artwork, nor décor of any kind?  It really gives the impression of “emptiness,” giving a home uninviting and lonely feeling.  There is, however, one thing that’s just as bad as bare walls: too many pictures!

Decluttering your home is imperative before showing your home to potential buyers. A neat, clean well organized home is something that every buyer wants, making it nearly impossible to sell your home if it is disorganized. This applies to the walls just as much as every other part of the home.  A simple “rule of thumb” when it comes to having too many pictures on the walls is: if you feel like you’re being watched, then you have too many pictures! Here are some great guidelines on to how to hang pictures properly in your home without overdoing it.

Quality not Quantity – Whether you choose to adorn your walls with loved ones or prefer a more “artsy” décor, use good judgment. One interesting picture is better than 100 every day photos, so choose wisely and hang pictures that are unique, different and interesting. Adding character to your home will make it more interesting and a good conversation piece is priceless!


Family Pictures Have a Place – Many people like to place pictures of loved ones everywhere throughout their home. The best place to place pictures of loved ones is in the family room or living room. There, others can still see them, and visitors expect to see them in these areas.

Home Offices – If you have a home office, library or den in your home, then this is the perfect place to hang awards, diplomas, business documents and pictures of business associates. It’s a great way to show “who you know” or what you know, but placing these types of photos and documents in the more public areas of your home can easily give the impression that you are “showing off” to visitors. Believe it or not, such a simple thing can cause buyers to be “turned off” by your home and lose interest. This may seem fickle, but even the smallest thing can have an impact on the mood or general impression of your home by a potential buyer.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place – Common sense shoudl always guide your decision making.  Placing the proper pictures in the proper places can give meaning and purpose to every room in your home. After all, who wants to see pictures of food in the bathroom or deceased relatives’ pictures in the kitchen? Remember the importance of colors as well: red and orange are great in “high energy” areas of the home where you intend to entertain guests, and calming colors such as pastels work well in bedrooms and patios.

Where you place pictures together on a wall also can make a big difference. If you want to highlight a certain photo (such as a picture of your grandparents) you can make it the centerpiece by placing other family photos around it. Adding a large frame or even a table easel will increase the impact that much more, and can do wonders for the décor of that particular room.

I’m sure that if you take the time, you can think of many ways to display photos and artwork throughout your home in a very tasteful and attractive manner. The bottom line is that too much of a good thing is just too much, and that can make selling your home exponentially more difficult.